Do you know how to Spot Fake Chloé Bags

Chloé is a French luxury fashion house founded in 1952 by Gaby Aghion.

Today, I will give you some super simple methods to distinguish from the Chloe Nile bracelet bag.

1. Inspect the Logo

The CHLOE font of the Kouyi brand is very distinctive, full of small mysteries.

  • The upper and lower parts on the right side of “C” are not on a vertical line;
  • “H” and “l” are curved at the top and aligned at the bottom;
  • The outer circle of “O” is a perfect circle, and the inner circle is an ellipse 0;
  • “E” is marked with a French tone on the head, and the shape is similar to a comma;

1.1 CHOLE logo on the gold medal

There will be a small gold medal hanging on the handle of the bag. The font of the genuine small metal plate is clearly and delicately engraved, which conforms to the brand font specification; the imitation font is obviously deformed, especially the tone on the head of the E letter is carved into dots.

1.2 CHLOE on the front leather

The genuine imprint is clear and delicate, in line with the brand font specification; the fake is very fuzzy.

1.3 Leather engraved with CHLOE inside

The genuine product is engraved deeply, clearly and clearly, and conforms to the brand font specification; the imitation product is not clearly engraved, and the lower right corner of “C” is vertical, which is obviously wrong.

2. Test the Hardware

The hardware of the authentic Chloe bag is frosted copper

The surface of fake Chloe bag hardware is very bright and smooth, and some are brushed. The picture below shows the fake Chloe bag hardware. Note that the letter e is skewed.

The zippers of Chloe bags are mostly YKK custom zippers. The side of the zipper puller may not have YKK markings, but there will never be any rust on the zipper surface.

Many Chloe handbags have protective rivets at the bottom. Note that these rivets are still brass and the surface is frosted.

3. Check where Chloe bags are made

Chloe bags are mostly made in Italy. They are also made in countries such as France, Romania, Bulgaria, and Spain. They are not made in China.

4. Check the Serial Numbers

There will be a small piece of cortex logo in the packaging bag of the Chloe bag, with a large number serial number as shown in the figure below, and the number font on the top is clear and clear. The sequence of serial numbers should be a group of two: XX XX XX, the actual meaning is not yet clear.

Nowadays, the technology is advancing and the degree of imitation is getting higher and higher. The imitations sold by some powerful merchants such as famous goods are very close to the authentic ones in terms of materials, details, and workmanship. Those who are interested can buy them. come and see!

Later, we will introduce the legendary life of the founder of Chloe brand.

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